• NICKNAMES ; Silas mostly, although some can get away with Si
  • SPECIES ; Merman
  • TAIL COLOR ; Starts silver up at the top, light the moon, and then it gradually darkens to black.
  • AGE ; 110 years old, appears 22
  • LOYALTY ; Thera
  • FACECLAIM ; Chris Zylka
  • TAKEN.

Silas is your typical, run of the mill bad guy. The guy everyone loves to hate. He was sent to Orcas Island not too long ago by the king of Thera, with the intent of making sure the banished loyalists of Carenthia stay out of trouble. Silas will openingly admit he has a passionate distaste for Carenthians, particularly their royal family. He, like many other merpeople, have been sent to do the greedy king’s bidding and although he complains about having to keep an eye on the foolish, peaceful Carenthians, he is unflinchingly loyal to Thera. Silas detests humans and finds them all very vile, particularly their children. He finds them too loud, too rambunctious, and quite frankly; a little gross. Silas spends as little time on land as possible and lives in a small house literally a stone’s throw away from the sea. He can’t stand walking around on land for too long and finds it tedious. As far as human places to live  go, however, he appreciates Orcas’ small and slow paced way of life compared to the bigger cities he has visited. 

Silas is very snarky and blunt. He hardly ever wastes time by buttering things up for people and is very callous much of the time. His personality also makes him quite the loner, however he has taken a liking to Kassiopeia, a Carenthian, and finds her impossible to hate. She’s far too innocent and naive and he finds that he can’t stand disappointing her, despite that it’s practically his job to do so. He finds this very conflicting and often makes her cry by how mean he can be to her friends, though that doesn’t stop her from trying to make him see the good in himself. Silas’ distaste for the merpeople of Carenthia stems from the fact he had many brothers die in the war between the two kingdoms and tends to blame the loyalists for their deaths. He is particularly critical of the hoity-toity prince charming, Soren, and looks for any opportunity to pick a fight with him or his family.

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